Our Process

Our Process

Mangoes grown in GAP farms In Multan Our mangoes are grown in globally certified orchids in Multan where GAP is practiced religiously, before getting handpicked and filtered, leaving out the damaged fruits. Good agricultural practices are audits that verify that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible to minimize risks of microbial food safety hazards. Also used by FAO (UN).

Systematic Postharvest Procedure Postharvest handling is the stage of crop production immediately following harvest. It includes systematic steps of cooling, de-sapping, cleaning, sorting and packing. De-sapping is a process in which, right after the fruit is cut from the stem, the white sticky liquid that comes out is removed and cleaned and the wound is sealed. After proper de-sapping is done, the mangoes are transported to pack houses in crates made of food grade material. Such crates don’t contaminate food with harmful materials on coming in direct contact or lying nearby.

Hot Water Treatment Fruit is immersed in hot water for a specific time and temperature of water is maintained at a specific level. Duration of fruit immersion and water treatment is decided according to the target (disease or insect/pest). During the treatment, it is necessary to keep temperature of water at specific level. As fruit peel may be injured due to direct contact with hot water, so it is also important to regularly monitor fruit pulp temperature. Afterwards, they are dried before being cooled off.

Natural Ripening After treatment, again fruit should be kept at ambient condition to lower down fruit temperature to room temperature, after which they can be pre-cooled for further storage and transportation to target importing country by air or through sea.  Some of the mangoes remain immature. Such damaged and unripened mangoes are removed from the bunch while filtering.

Quality Packaging Packaging for mangos primarily serves to protect the fruit from injuries caused by cuts, compression, vibration, and impacts. Packaging also can either facilitate or interfere with good temperature management. Mangoes are packed in food grade material boxes and crates after critical inspection and shipped across Pakistan as per customer’s order.

Country-wide Shipping After all the necessary steps of cleaning, water treatments and packaging, the mangoes are ready to be shipped all over Pakistan under supervision and careful shipment setting. They are shipped via air and delivered to doorsteps of customer’s. Our mango gift boxes are the perfect corporate orders, upscale event, corporate mango festival, or for any occasion between June to September.